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Make Money Online by Playing Games? Is This Even Possible? | Dungeons and Teasures Pays in Euro

I came across some games sites that pays people to play games. At first thought, "Is this possible? I came across one game known as Dungeons & Treasures. This site is recommended by some members in MyLot and one of them are making good income from this game. He is making around $30.00 a month from this game alone and I think he is having great numbers of referrals for him to reach that amount per month.

Basically, this game is about hunting for gold. The more gold you have, the more money you are going to make. So, just hunt for gold. By the end of the month, your gold will be converted into DT. DT is some kind of point system for you to convert into real cash.

Dungeon & Treasures Earnings and Payouts

1 DT = €0.70
Gold you obtained from the games will be automatically converted into DT every end of month
You can request for payout once you reach 10 DT in Dungeons & Treasures
Payment is sent using Alertpay or  PayPal

More Ways to Earn More Gold

You can only explore 1 dungeon per day (That is how the game works.)
Go to temple to pray and if you are lucky, you get gold
Treasure hunt: You can get a ticket on daily basis and the ticket is actually a map. All you need to do is to click on the map and again if you are lucky, you get a key to open treasure box or you can get gold.

Top Player Earns More than 131 millions gold

Are you interested to try it? No harm trying. If you feel that it is good, you can make money online by playing games. Bear in mind that you DT will be stored and accumulate in your game account. There is no dateline for your DT. You can collect more and convert it into Euro. And yes, Dungeons & Treasures pays in Euro, real cash.

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