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Web traffic, specifically free website traffic is on the minds of all bloggers and webmasters. We all want to learn how to increase website traffic. And for the right reasons; The success of your site relies heavily on the amount of internet traffic it receives. Even the greatest and best looking sites with hundred and thousands of pages of informative content won’t do you any good, if you can not generate traffic to it.
If you want to make money blogging, you have to get this right or else, risk failure. Of course, no blog is born with thousands of visitors. In order to increase traffic to your blog, you need to promote your blog. Increase blog traffic and increase your earnings. It’s as simple as that!
There are many ways to increase website traffic, including paid methods, which are sometimes very effective as well. However, most of us, especially beginners, don’t have the money to spend on paid traffic generation methods. Fortunately there are many easy ways you can get free traffic to your blog. If you are ready to take advantage of all the free internet traffic out there, here are 61 easy and free ways to generate targeted web traffic for your blog or website:
Free traffic
Increase blog traffic submitting your blog

1- Submit press releases to free press release sites
2- Submit ads to classifieds like CraigsList
3- Submit articles to directories like Ezine & ArticleBase
4- Submit your blog to blog directories
5- Submit your blog to search engines & free directories
6- Submit your blog to free review sites like CoolSiteOfTheDay
7- Submit your posts to social bookmarking sites with OnlyWire
Internet traffic
Use web 2.0 sites to generate traffic to your site

8- Create a MySspace page for your blog
9- Write related articles on WikiPedia & link back to your blog
10- Make a HubPage & add relevant links back to your blog
11- Make a wiki page for your blog with WikiSpaces
12- Make a Squidoo lens linking back to your blog in it
13- Join & write about things you want to accomplish with your blog
14- Create a Facebook fan page for your blog
15- Create a Hi5 page for your blog
16- Use MyBlogLog to create a community around your blog
17- Join Technorati and ping every new post
18- Join Blogcatalog and do the same as with MyBlogLog
19- Make videos related to your niche & post to YouTube
20- Answers related questions on YahooAnswers linking back to your blog in the “resources” section
21- Use StumbleUpOn to stumble every article you write
22- Make a Twitter page for your blog & tweet your posts
23- Join related online forums & ad your url in your signature
Increase web traffic
Take advantage of free tools and Plug-ins to drive traffic

24- Place a “digg it” button to make it easy for visitors to digg your posts
25- Use a comment notifying plug-in to let your readers know about new comments. People like to read comments more than the actual post!
26- People love to read comments. Install a comment notifying plug-in to let them know about new comments
27- Install “tell-a-friend” plug-in to make it easy for readers to share posts with their friends.
28- Make use of “all in one SEO” plug-in to make your blog search engine friendly
29- Install a forum plug-in to enable readers to discuss related issues
30- Use free keyword tools like Google AdWords to find long-tail, low competition keywords & use them in your posts
31- Install “Sexy Bookmarks” to make it a snap for readers to social bookmark your post
32- Make free business cards for your blog using VistaPrint and pass it around
33- Use PingOmatic to ping your blog to RSS aggregators
34- Make a free Favicon for your blog. A Favicon is like big spot light focused on your blog between hundreds of other blogs!
How to get traffic to your website
Other bloggers can help you get traffic to your website

35- Interview a trusted and successful blogger in your niche
36- Ask other bloggers in your niche to guest post on your blog
37- Make a banner ad for your blog & exchange with other blogs
38-  Ask other bloggers to review your blog in exchange for a backlink to their blog
39- Use blogroll exchange links with other blogs in your niche
40- Dedicate a post to a top blogger in your niche. It may catch his attention & he may link to you
41- Link to other blogger’s posts in your post, whenever appropriate. They will return the favor!
42- Guest post on popular blogs in your niche
43- Leave informative and valuable comment on related blogs
Free website traffic
Use your site as a tool to attract & keep visitors

44- Reward visitors by giving them freebies like ebooks, free downloads & etc
45- Make your blog user friendly by keeping it clean and easy to navigate
46- Use keywords as title of your posts. Keywords in title is an important SEO factor
47- Make it easy for people to link to your by providing a simple html
48- Run weekly or monthly contests and giveaways to encore visitors to get involved
49- Use common questions in your niche as title for your posts
50- Look out for new developments in your niche. The first person breaking a new story, gets the most traffic
51- Post frequently. Search engines and readers like fresh content
52- Use tags for your post, as it’s becoming a very popular way of finding related content
53- Interlink! From within your posts, link to other realted posts in your blog
54- Create list posts, like “101 ways to…”, ‘Top 10…”. People love list posts
55- Videos are increasingly becoming popular, use them on your blog to your advantage
56- Write shocking and surprising articles. They will draw people to your site
57- Let your readers know you care about what they have to say by responding to their comments
Extra web traffic
Extra methods of free traffic generation

58- Use forum signatures to link to your blog with your keyword as anchor text
59- Make a bumper sticker with your blog name & a creative description and attache it to your car
60- Make flyers with your blogs name and a captivating headline and pass it in the mall or parking lots or hang it on doors
61- Be patient! No one goes from zero to thousnads of visitors over night

Some of the above mentioned free traffic generating methods can be done in under 5 minutes and some may take longer. Some will increase traffic to your blog by not much and some will generate hundreds of targeted traffic for your blog. So, working with different forms of traffic generation will allow you to drive as much traffic as possible to your blog.
One thing is certain, just learning how to get traffic to your website isn’t going to increase your web traffic. You have to work and put some time and effort into it, even if all you want is free web traffic.

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