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TweetAdder: Automatic Twitter Marketing Tool Reviewed

With the growth of Twitter, there have been lots of services and software’s created around it. One of popular software in this series is TweetAdder. I had tried lots of software’s to help me with automation on Twitter before, but none of them really impressed me, they way I was impressed by TweetAdder Automation Software. We can do lots of things with TweetAdder like Automation of Twitter posts, Auto Twitter follow, Auto Twitter unfollow, tweets in bulk, Twitter Search etc.
Automatic Twitter Marketing

Features of TweetAdder

Here is the complete list of features you will get with the latest version of TweetAdder Software for automation of processes revolving around Twitter:
  1. RSS Feed: Addition of content from RSS Feeds will help us send targeted content to our followers on Twitter. Also help us keep on Twitter accounts updated with latest content around the topics of our choice.
  2. Re-Tweets: If you have Retweet content posted by your favorite Twitter profiles and also can limit the number of retweets you want to make every hour, in day etc.
  3. Profile Data Search: You can search profiles using keywords, location and also filter Twitter users the number of following, followers and updates count of your choice. With profile search, you can exclude profile users who haven’t changed their default Avatar and/or haven’t set their profile URL.
  4. Multiple Twitter Profiles: You can handle unlimited number of Twitter profiles with TweetAdder. So buy a TweetAdder as per the number of profiles you will be managing through this software. And if you have bought TweetAdder to manage a single Twitter profile, you can always switch to higher configuration within a minute.
  5. Automatic Twitter following: You can auto follow Twitter users based on keywords, interest, sex, age, location etc
    Full control over followers: following ratio
    Control over Max numbers of follows daily etc
  6. Auto Unfollow: You can automatically unfollow those Twitter users who don’t follow you back. So this will help you get more followers and will also keep a balance between followers and following ratio.
  7. Auto updates and replies: You can auto posts updates to your profiles and send some automatic replies to people who responds to your updates.
  8. Auto messages: You can send auto messages to all of your Twitter followers. And you will have access to multiple numbers of proxies.
  9. URL Shortening: Automatic shortening of URL’s and will have 24*7 support available from TweetAdder team.
  10. Twitter posts: Creates automatic tweets “twitter post” according to keywords you type, Automatic URL, shorter, Post tweets randomly and 24/7 staff supports whenever you need them!
Here is a video about Tweet Adder to know how to Auto Follow Twitter Users

How Much TweetAdder Cost?

Auto Follow Unfollow Retweets Bulk messaging software for TwitterTotal Cost of TweetAdder is $55 if you want to use it for managing one Twitter profile only. And it will cost you $188 if you want to manage unlimited number if Twitter profiles through this twitter marketing software. You will be paying $74 if you want to manage up to 5 profiles through TweetAdder and have to pay $110 if you are planning to manage up to 10 Twitter accounts through this Twitter Automation Software. With each of package you will get:
  1. Lifetime free updates and support
  2. No monthly or yearly fee will get its license for lifetime
  3. You can upgrade registration at any time
  4. TweetAdder is much more than its price. So you will be able to get all of your money that you paid for this software in few days only
I would recommend TweetAdder if you want to save lots of valuable time and for better marketing efforts on Twitter. There is Demo Version of Tweet Adder also available that you can try for free from here

TweetAdder Discount

You can used the discount coupon code ANIL20 to get 20% off on the sale of Tweet Adder product. With ANIL20 discount code, you will be paying:
Profile Numbers Total Cost After Discount
1 Profile ————– $55 ——- $44
5 Profiles ————- $74 ——- $59.20
10 Profiles ———– $110 —— $88
Unlimited Profiles – $188 —— $150.
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