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WordPress Power Guide - Using WordPress to Blog Your Way to Success - Blogging Guide [Kindle Edition]

Go Beyond The Basics and Make Your WordPress Site Rock

Are you already using WordPress on your website or blog? Ready to crank it up a notch and reap the maximum benefit from your site?
Then the WordPress Power Guide is for you.

Traffic Generation

Whether your goal is to make money from your site or just share your views with the world, you need traffic. Did you know there are plugins that helps your site rank higher with the search engines? Just read the WordPress Power Guide to discover how to set up your site so it’s easy for visitors (and you!) to use and achieves the best SE ranking.

Importance of Plugins and Themes

Have you ever visited a site that drew you in immediately? Chances are you were smitten because of a plugin, image, or customized theme. If your blog feels a bit blah, jazz it up! WordPress Power Guide walks you through installing images and even lists the best plugins and themes to install and customize so you can make your blog your own.

Keep Them Coming Back For More

Open the door to repeat visitors with a WP tune-up. Polls and comment sections encourage participation and keep visitors glued to your site. . .but they’re an invitation for spammers. The WordPress Power Guide reveals how to cut down on spam while still allowing visitors to participate and relate to you so they keep coming back for more.
Small Investment, Big Return

If you want to make money from your blog, you can’t afford not knowing the few simple tweaks that will really pay off. The good news? The secrets to optimize every piece of your blog are revealed in WordPress Power Guide. You won’t find a more comprehensive manual anywhere so grab your copy now. You will be amazed at the results.

WordPress Power Guide - Using WordPress to Blog Your Way to Success - Blogging Guide

Blog Your Way to Success

Some of the Topics that are inside

* How to Attract Readers with Your Writing
* Find The Right Topics that Work for You
* Easy Ways to Give Your Blog Power
* How to Make Attractive Blogs
* Easy Changes that Makes Big Improvements
* SEO Made Easy
* Power Plugins that Work for You
* How to Make Your Readers Want to Comment
* Stop Spam in its Tracks without losing Commenters
* Get Traffic to Your Blog for Free
* Glue Your Readers to Your Blog Posts
* How to Earn Cash with Your Blog
* Become an Expert Now
* Where to Get Cheap Help

WordPress Power Guide - Using WordPress to Blog Your Way to Success - Blogging Guide

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