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How to use MySpace to get more inbound links and free traffic

MySpace is not as popular as facebook anymore but you should not ignore it. There are still millions of people who use MySpace on a daily basis and they are likely to be interested in your products.
Taking advantage of MySpace is quite simple as it doesn’t take much technical knowledge to create a profile page and use it to create links and traffic to your main website. The key to using MySpace is to stand out from the crowd. This article is going to cover the best ways to use this website.

Set up your profile so it’s appealing to your market

You will need to use basic copywriting skills in order to make your pages enticing. Just as sales letters have headlines and bullet points, so should your profile. You need to get people’s attention right away and draw them into your profile. It is also a good idea to use certain images and video on your MySpace page as people tend to be very visual.

Ensure it gives a clear message

Your profile should be very easy to read and navigate while giving a clear message to your audience. Your visitors should know your interests in the first couple of seconds, or they will simply leave. Don’t be tempted to use confusing background images or patterns as they make the text very hard to read. Make it clear, simple and professional.

Quality content

As with all internet marketing methods, the focus should be on providing quality content for your readers and subscribers. You should give away information that other people charge money for. You need to get them attracted and eager to learn more from you. Ensure that you answer the most important questions that your market has, as this will attract more people.

Make your page different

You need to be unique in some way in order to get people to add you to their favorites or subscribe for your newsletter. You can do this by offering free videos, free software or by just by being dynamic and controversial. There are many angles to take in order to stand out.

Have a primary focus

Your MySpace page must have a primary focus to it. Don’t try to include all your knowledge on a single page. Focus on one element of your market and target a certain prospect. This will remove a lot of the people who are not serious, but it lets you focus on the most likely customers.

Make useful posts

As most users of MySpace seem to write about their lunch or pets, you can quickly stand out by being interesting and writing about important issues. If you address the things that people in your market are concerned about then your readers will want to learn more from you. This is the best way to have a set of avid readers and subscribers.

Refer visitor to your website using a link

Remember that the purpose of MySpace is to refer users to your website. Don’t forget this fact

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