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Make money from URL Shortener Services

Every day more and more people are looking to learn how to make money faster without pain, so they choose their way to earn through internet. If you are interested to earn money on web, then a simple way is to use URL Shorteners. Many URL shorteners are paying for the use of their service. As any person shortened URL, an advertisement page is shown before visitor redirected to the original page. People need to just register for an account and start the use of free URL shortening service to shrink URLs. They can place their links on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Personal Websites, Forums, and any Social networking sites.

List of URL Shortener Services to Earn Money :
Here, I given some of the top URL Shortener Services to Earn Money
People believe that is one of the best paid URL shorteners because of its dependability and on-time payment Earn  $4.00 / 1000 visitors to your links and you can also earn by referring users and get a massive 20% commission. It pays through PayPal and AlertPay. Easy-to-reach $5.00 minimum payout. is a simple paid URL shortener and it does not have lots of features. People can earn $3.00/1000 visitors to their links. It contains real-time statistics with revenue breakdown and people can easily reach $10.00 minimum payout. All advertising is sternly family-safe without popups. It offers a financial remuneration in return to users to encourage them to do something.

LinkBucks allows you to make cash from the links your users post, from the links you place on your website, or from the posts you make in a forum. It is simple and easy to get started making money. It offers three ways to create links such as single links, multiple links and an option to turn all the links in the webpage to a paying link by using a javascript. As visitors click on your links, Intermission ads, and Pop Up ads; you will see three types of ads and can select one of these ads. Linkbucks Pays through Paypal and the smallest amount to withdrawal is $5.00. You may process your payment as you reach that amount. is the medium to archive, shorten and track all your favorite links across the web and earn money doing so. Everyday millions of links are being posted on social networks from Facebook to MySpace without any rewards to the user, but today the bumble bee has decided to share revenue with you. After you make your withdrawal, you will be paid within 7 business days.
Get tiny URLs, great for when text space is limited. All advertising is family-safe with no popups and scanned by our anti-virus scanner on a regular basis. It is fast, reliable customer support with our support ticket system. Manage unlimited links easily with our advanced interface. Its minimum payout at only $3.00.

URL Cash
With URL Cash you will make money from all links that gets posted on your blogs, forums, websites as well as posts you make on other forums and blogs. It's simple and easy to get started making extra income today. It pays you through Alertpay, PayPal, Webmoney and Liberty Reserve a free URL shortening service with a twist and get paid to share your links on the Internet. Just register for an account and start shrinking.
You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. is a free URL shortening service with a spin. You get paid to share your links on the Internet! Just register for a free account and start shrinking. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs. Earn more than $4.50/1000 visitors to your links. Get short URLs, great for when text space is limited. All advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups. Real-time statistics with revenue reporting. Refer users and get a whopping 20% commission! Many tools - Mass URL Shrinker, Easy Links, API Low $5.00 minimum payout.

Earning money from URL is really a simple thing but getting more clicks for the Shortened URL is somewhat difficult. This can be achieved by linking an URL with a popular link. I recommend URL Shortener to earn money it provides faster way of payout to their user and one of the most popular one. 

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