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What is Blogging?

Are you planning to start your blogging career? Don’t worry you are not alone. There are thousands of people trying their luck in which some of them get success & some fall down. It is up to you how much effort you give in this (Go Up, Go Down, Go Under or Go Through but never give up). We would like to clear out few things in starting (What is blogging? What qualification it required? Am I eligible for blogging or not? Etc.) Which are going to help you to start your own blog? Do you already know what blogging is? No worries you can read our tips For Creating a Successful Business Blog & give a look below, your feedback is really important for us.

There are hundreds of articles already written by good bloggers & I really respect them. Here I would like to share my expertise with you, which can help you to understand what blogging is? And how can you start blogging.

what is blogging

What is blog?

A blog (a blend of the term web log) is a type of website or part of a website supposed to be updated with new content from time to time.” (Wikipedia)
As such there is no specific definition for blog but in simple words we can say
Buy a web space to write & share information, notes with others”. “An online diary that should be updated daily (or as frequently as the writer chose)

Why should I create a blog?

Everyone have their own specific reason to create a blog. You can create a blog to improve your writing skills, you can create a blog to share your expertise with others, you can create a blog to write your own daily dairy & share with your friends, you can create a blog to make money online etc. So now you can decide why you want to create a blog.

Does it require any qualifications?

No, it doesn’t require any specific qualifications. Any one from any age (if you can write, read English or any of your specific language, you are ready to start) like students, mother, grandparents, businessmen’s, employee, fresher’s, teacher etc. can start writing a blog.
Points we should keep in mind before creating a blog
  1. Niche

    Now you guys know what blog is? First major thing you have to remember is what I need to write on my blog. You always select a niche/topic in which you have some expertise’s like a teacher can create a blog which can help his/her students in studies, A businessmen can create a blog where he/she can share some tips & information to help other businessmen’s, A student can create a blog to write about his/her daily studies, issues, solutions which can help other students in studies etc. If you are not writing in one niche then you might face so many problems in future.

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  2. Domain /Blog Name (free & paid)

    Now it’s time to get register yourself (buy a name of your choice which suits your niche). There are some free blogging platforms (, etc.) where you can create your own free blog but it wouldn’t help you in making money & self branding. I suggest you to buy your own domain name (click here to buy your domain name today) which helps you in self branding & making money online. Once you buy your domain you just need to host your domain on web space (you can buy hosting from here)
  3. WordPress

    Once you bought your domain & web space you can simply upload WordPress (a free content management tool) on you domain & you are ready to start & write your first blog article.
  4. Type of Content

    There are three type of content you can use to write on your blog
    • Image
    • Videos
    • Text

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