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One Simple Trick to Increase Blog Comments

One of the most sought after goals of bloggers of all sizes is to increase the amount of comments by readers on a blog. There are many ways to increase the chances of someone commenting on your blog, such as the following.
  • Write open ended posts… ending with a question.
  • Provide a helpful post or tutorial that people can truly use.
  • Create controversial posts that people will surely agree or disagree with.
While all of these ideas are excellent for creating blog posts to gain attention and maybe even some new comments. The one simple trick to increase comments on a blog is to…


Yes, it may seem silly and obvious, but for some reason so many people avoid writing to each comment left on a blog. If only three people are commenting on your blog, and you comment to each, you now have six!
The more comments on your blog will not only increase the amount of activity on your blog, but it may help other readers and lurkers participate in your blog commenting as well.
If you aren’t already, try to comment to all comments left on your blog for a week and see how the user activity and comments increase. Everyone loves to read comments, especially when they are from the blog owner and provide lots of value.

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