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How To Add Search Box In Blogger

Looking for that article you found most interesting the last time you visit a blog is always stressful and I wouldnt like my readers to face such while in my blog so I took out time to include search box in my blog.

Search box enable blog readers to search for article by simply entering the title and making a click on the search this will bring out the article you wants to read.

Do you care to know how I did this? if your answer is Yes then continue reading but if your answer is No fell free to stop here and use the search box to find other articles.

                                      How To Add Search Box In Blogger

Login to your Blogger Dashboard
Go to Design
Click Add a Gadget
Select HTML/javaScript
Enter the title.This will be visible in to the visitors

<div class="widget-content"><form id="searchblog" action="/search"
style="display: inline;" method="get"><input id="search-box" name="q"
size="24" type="text"/><input id="search-btn" value="Search"

Save the gadget and view your blog  :D

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