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YouTube is a video sharing website that we can upload and share videos on the Internet. Right now, YouTube is owned by Google, so it’s free and reliable to upload and share your video to the world. By the way, when your video gets more and more popular on YouTube, you will get more and more traffic to your website. Why? And How?

Example if you have a video show about your products on your website and post it to YouTube, then you try to get more traffic to your video in YouTube by posting it on blog or other social networking sites. If your blog and social networking sites have 300 visitors go to visit your video, this will increase the video’s pop­u­lar­ity on YouTube to go up.
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YouTube has mil­lion videos and most of them only get a few views. So when you have 300 peo­ple view your video, this will boost your videos rank­ing suf­fi­ciently enough that it get’s pushed to the top of the video charts in its category. When your video gets more thou­sand views, you will receive more popular and will caused other peo­ple in YouTube to start watch­ing it.

Embed URL
Instead of hosting your video on your website or blog, you can post your YouTube’s video to your website or blog by using the embed link in YouTube. Just copy the code in the “Embed” and paste it to your HTML code, it will be like you host on your website or blog and you can change the size of video to display as well. By this way, you can get more popularity to your YouTube’s video.

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How to Create a Video and Drive Traffic to It

1. If you are using Windows Xp, you can use a program “Windows Movie Maker” to create your own video and post it to your YouTube account.

2. Don’t forget to choose a good title for your video and also leave some description. You should choose some appropriate tags (like keyword) and a category for your video in YouTube.

3. At the end of your video, don’t forget leave the information about your website and leave a link back to your website.

4. Submit your video in YouTube to your social network such as Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and more…

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5. Submit your video to your new Blogspot ( and don’t forget post your blog to StumbleUpon and

6. View other videos that relevant to your website’s content and leave some comments on it. So you don’t have to make own videos you can still have traffic. But you can drive a little traffic to your site. Because it’s easy for other webmasters to do so.

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