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What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Can You Make Money with it?

Affiliate marketing is one of the first things people who want to start making money online hear about. Affiliate marketing is often called one of the best ways to make money online. There are ads all over the internet about affiliate marketing, telling us how people are making mind blowing amounts of money with affiliate marketing. So, what exactly is affiliate marketing? How can you make money as an affiliate marketer?



How was affiliate marketing born?

To begin, lets see how affiliate marketing came about. Affiliate marketing was born about 4 years after the birth of the World Wide Web in November 1994, and believe it or not, the “Cyber erotica” is credited for being the first or one of the first affiliate marketing innovators, which used a CPC (cost per click) program. Of course in the early days of its birth, affiliate marketing wasn’t taken seriously. But, as time went on and investor and business owner discovered the huge potentials in affiliate marketing, it became another cyber space based phenomenal. How is $2.1 billion in affiliate marketing fees paid to blog and website owners in 2008 for a phenomenal. The thing that makes affiliate marketing very desirable, is the low investment it requires, and the huge profit potential it provides.

Affiliate Marketing OVERVIEW

How does affiliate marketing works?

For those who haven’t gotten their head around affiliate marketing programs yet, its very simple, in fact you may even know how it works, but with a different name like, reseller programs, revenue-sharing programs, referral programs and even bounty programs. Affiliate marketing stands on three legs, seller/brand, affiliate/middle man and the customer/buyer. I have a product/service that I need to sell. You use your website, blog or whatever else way to promote my product/service, and send buyers my way. Every time someone who you send to me buys a product or service from me, you get a pre-agreed upon percentage of the revenue earned from sales to that customer.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

5 Steps for making money affiliate marketing

Of course like any other business, you need to put some effort and hard work into it, as well as taking the steps necessary to succeed and make money with affiliate marketing. You can make money with affiliate marketing without a website/blog, but you might not have as much success as you might have using your website/blog to pull in potential customers. Either way, here are some important steps you need to take, in order to make money with affiliate marketing.


1- Get a blog or a website

Having a website or blog will allow you to place your affiliate links there and reach more potential customers, thus having a better chance of making more money as an affiliate marketer. Of course having your own domain ( will make you look more credible and gives you more control. Web hosting companies like hostmonster or godaddy and many other offer affordable domain registering and hosting these days. If you prefer to start with no investment you can get a free website or blog using like blogger, typepad, wordpress, and etc.

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2-Choose a product or service to sell

With affiliate marketing you can sell virtually anything, from electronics and jewelry to tools, books, clothing and even food. So, to start making money with affiliate marketing, you have many option to choose from. But, it is suggested that you try to select something that you are passionate about, and have some knowledge about it. Choosing a product you know about will help you make a better strategy based on what you think would be attractive about the product/service. To find a product to promote, register for free with affiliate marketing networks such as ClickBank, MaxBounty, Commission Junction and etc. These sites can make it easy for you to find an available product to promote and get paid for.

3-Write quality content related to your niche

Now you have your site and your product. But, You can’t have people coming to an empty page(your site), with one link on it, and expect them to buy or even come back or bring another potential buyer with them. In order for people to visit your site and eventually click on your affiliate marketing link, you have to have quality and useful content on your site. You can either research and write your own content, or pay someone to write them for you. You can also use PLR articles to create content for your site

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4-Drive quality traffic to your site

Here comes the most important part. You have everything ready, but nobody knows where you are, or how to find you! In order to make money with affiliate marketing, you need traffic, quality traffic to be exact. How do you get good traffic? Well, there are different ways you can increase website traffic, like paid advertisement (google adwords, yahoo,…), classified ads (craigslist, backpage,…), article marketing (articlesbase, associated content,…), email marketing and many more.

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5-Watch, read, ask and learn

Famous Greek philosophers, Socrates(469-399) once said “The day you decide you’re done learning and think you know everything is the day you realize you don’t know anything yet” (not the exact phrase, sorry I could not remember the exact phrase, but it’s close enough). Take advantage of online forums focused on affiliate marketing to add to your knowledge, and learn how other more experienced affiliate marketers have made it. Forums like Warrior Forum and Digital Point are good places to learn.

This is the simple yet effective system that successful affiliate marketers use to make money affiliate marketing. Just don’t forget that it takes time and plenty of hard work to succeed in affiliate marketing. It may be a while before you make any money, but if you combine your effort with hard work and passion, you will succeed and make money with affiliate marketing!

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